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Companhia de Construcao e Engenharia Kin Sun (Macau), Limitada
Contact person: Vong Kock Kei
Address: Nos. 60-64 Av. Inf. D. Henrique, Edif. Centro Comercial Central, 5 andar, Macau
Telephone: 28556281
FAX: 28583325

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Kin Sun Macau was established in 1981, as subsidiary of KIN CHING CHINA LIMITED in Hong Kong, Kin Sun Macau is one of the leading general contractor specialist in foundation in domestic market. KIN CHING CHINA LIMITED is the member of Bilfinger + Berger Group that is one of the top ten contracting firm in the world awarded on 1996. In passed years Kin Sun Macau had completed over 300 contracts which consisted foundation work of driven piling and bore piling, basement construction with deep excavation, building works, soil improvement, slope protection, civil works and site investigation. The major contracts included foundation and basement construction for Bank of China, foundation and building construction at Macau Jockey Club, foundation and structural work for Porto da Entermento(an offshore monument), foundation and building construction for Central Plaza and Devin Commercial Center, design and construction of Airport Hotel, foundation and sub-structural work for Nova Taipa Development, soil improvement work for NAPE and Nam Van Development, foundation work for Lotus Bridge at Macau portion, foundation for Macau Handover Ceremony Venue etc. Kin Sun Macau has applied modern construction management system and operated with direct production team with experience workers and plants. In 1998 Kin Sun Macau had passed the auditing of ISO 9001 for "Structural design and construction of foundations (including bored piling, driven piling and pile caps), basements and buildings" with the certificate no. CC1315 issued by HKQAA. This certificate had been extended for "Construction of civil engineering works" at July 1999. Kin Sun Macau can provide the total solution with high quality and modern techiques in foundation, building construction and civil engineering work in domestic market.

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